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The Message of the Day (MOTD) provides up-to-date information, announcements from the Elder, and any other material pertaining to the maintenance, organization, and execution of Archaea. Last minute event changes or cancellations will be made in the MOTD. Rules and sourcebook addenda and errata and any vital corrections will also be listed in the MOTD.

Please check the MOTD regularly. If you missed an MOTD, all messages will be saved and archived. The MOTD's are listed from most recent to most obsolete.

June 24, 2009:

There are murmurings of a new Archaea group starting in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area. Details forthcoming.

January 1, 2008:

The MD/DC/VA Archaea Group is currently inactive.

June 5, 2006:

After a year or so hiatus, the MD/DC/VA Archaea Group is back! Please check the Archaea message board for more information, details, and conversations about the new start! Please welcome Tom Duffner as the new Elder of the Realm. Please continue to show your support for the game and invite friends and new players to play! More soon.

April 13, 2005:

"Tomorrow is only a reflection of today."
                       --Kuganji Oa-ran, Talanthi _Book of Prophecies_

THE TIME HAS COME to bid a good friend boodbye. Who would have guessed that in 1992 a game of great possibility, great fellowship, and grand design would be born. The history of Archaea, both in- and out-of-game, has been rich, ever-unfolding, and has been added to by many hands and many voices. Nearly fifteen years have passed -- more than a lifetime for the many characters and heroes, villains and personalities that have sailed the Sea of Archaea, trekked across the sands of Ashur, or walked the Three Paths. Players have come and gone. Campaigns have started and ended and started again. Characters have found immortality in our shared stories, our shared memories, particularly when told around a campfire on a chilly autumn night. But as a great bard once said, "All good things begin in the Mists and return to the Mists."

Let us not dwell on could haves and would haves and what ifs. Let us, instead, celebrate a great run, honor all of the players that have kept and will continue to keep the spirit of Archaea lively, and maintain the possibility that Archaea may return from the ashes one day. It is time for the light to fall to dusk. It is time for the music to trail into whispers and wind. It is time for the glory to fade into nostalgia. In a deep sense, we have known this for a while now.

I would like to personally thank each and everyone one of the players, past and present, for the opportunity to get to know you (even if it was only once every two weeks), to sharpen and strengthen a game that will always be close to my heart, and to be storyteller and storymaker and storyhearer for many, many good years.

Archaea, at least in this incarnation, in this time and place, in this hopeful yet bittersweet moment, is thusly retired. The Archaea website will remain as long as someone will host it. The message boards will stay open so that we can stay in touch, stay a community. The game, of course, will always be available for those who want to take it up and summon the magic again.

Best wishes,
Don't be afraid of dragons,
(or Academy mages),
Edmond Chang
Elder of the Realm

P.S. There is a final event in the works, perhaps a campout, slated for early summer. If that does not work out, there should at least be a party or a picnic or some sort of final shindig. Stay tuned and stay in touch!

July 27, 2004:


1) NEW PLAYERS are asked to review the Archaea website as thoroughly as possible -- focus on Character Creation, Skills, Combat, and Spells in Combat There will a handful of Archaea Rulebooks available at the event; if you are interested in purchasing a book ($10) ahead of time, you can do so via PayPal and then pick it up at the event OR choose to have it mailed to you All new players are encouraged to purchase a rulebook.

2) RETURNING PLAYERS are NOT required to make new characters. However, if returning players are interested in starting a secondary character, then the should come to the event prepared with character already worked out. Returning players will probably serve primarily as NPCs or PC guides to new players.

3) All players are strongly encouraged to print out TWO character sheets (requires Acrobat Reader); fill out a copy for yourself and a copy for the game records.

4) Everyone BEGINS with 30 Building Points (these are NOT to be confused with XP); BPs must be spent entirely, cannot be saved, cannot be combined with XP. Always, always, always build a 0 XP character first -- then add XP to taste. New characters will begin with 41 XP. However, because these are starting characters, no skill or ability can be raised above Level 3.

5) Character histories are strongly encouraged but not necessary. Players, new and returning, that submit character histories should draw upon the game world You can get a general idea of character histories by reading the Heroes' Gate forum or taking a look at the character profiles on the MD/DC/VA Archaea site Character histories, once approved, will earn the player a one-time additional +5 XP bonus.

6) Characters who wish to join Organizations will be field appointed for the event unless their petition/history/questionnaire materials are sent in EARLY. See the following for petition help:

7) Everyone should take a look at the past event narratives at the Adventurer's Guild forum to get an idea of what has been going on in the realm and with the adventuring party.

8) Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions.

9) Continue to RSVP for the July 31 event if you have not done so already.

I am hoping that we will be able to establish increasing interest and commitment to the game. After the July 31 event, further plans will be develop to plot the future of the group. I know everyone is investing time, energy, resources, and effort in the game and pulling us successfully out of hiatus. Everyone deserves kudos and thanks.

Elder of the Realm

July 8, 2004:

The "New Player Appreciation Day" flyers are now available: npadflyer04.pdf (8.5" x 11", whole sheet) Print them out on bright color paper and give them out where appropriate.

July 6, 2004:

As promised, I would like to begin the conversation about coming out of hiatus and getting Archaea back into the swim of things. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer weeks and are looking forward to rejoining the Realm and the story.

Ostensibly, the first event upon our return will be a New Player Appreciation Day, where and when new folk and relatively new folk can play and involve themselves in the adventure roughly even to everyone else. The day is to flatten the XP differences between veteran and incoming characers. The day will help acclimate new players, get them thinking about the game and the world, and to keep them from being "thrown to the wolves" in a manner of speaking. Granted, it'll only be one day and they'll be into the fire by the next event. But it'll be a step instead of a flying leap of faith.

How we are going to institute New Player Appreciation Day is contingent on a couple of things:

1| The number of new players. Everyone should take it upon themselves between now and July 31 to use whatever means available to them (within reason, resources, availability, and legality) to invite new players to the game. In the next week or so, I will post modified Archaea flyers ( or you can just use the ones extant in the Yahoo! Group files area or on the website: see links below) with NPAD information. Please share what you have done and what you'ld like to see done so we don't overlap too much.

Again, by invitation is preferred since we can prepare incoming people ahead of time rather than spring the whole system on them at the event. I am urging everyone to send players to the website, to buy a rulebook if possible, and to use the EZBoards as a way to ask questions, get some background, and RSVP to the July 31 event.

If people think it would be a good idea to have a New Player forum, then I'll set one up and appoint a couple of people to moderate. Any other ideas to help the orientation process are appreciated and encouraged.

2| If not enough new players are confirmed, then we will probably simply return to normal play. What number is enough? People can make suggestions. I would think around 10 new players would be a good, achievable goal.

3| Veteran players are required to make secondary characters for the NPAD event. What is considered a veteran player? That also must be decided: Less than 100 XP? Less than 50 XP? Or fewer than 10 events? Furthermore, we must decide starting XP levels for both new players and new characters. I do not think starting at 0 XP would be beneficial to new players if the goal is to insert them into the current campaign. If veterans feel strongly that they do not want to start a new character, they may petition to remain as their sole character -- it might be good to have one or two (ONLY) veteran characters to serve as anchors, envoys, ambassadors to the new characters entering the story. Discuss.

4a| Everyone must R.S.V.P. for the July 31 event once the official reminder has been posted. If fewer than quorum (15 players, preferably not counting new players) RSVP, then the event will be postponed. I really, really hate to take a hard line with quorum, but I some numbers to gauge interest and investment and such.

4b| Given that creating new characters and starting new players will be a logistical perfect storm, I would like to ask for veteran volunteers to assist not only orientation but in check-in as well.

5| Any further ideas, advice, suggestions, comments, issues that should be brought up before July 31 can be voiced here or sent to me via the newarchaea @ email address.

Thanks for your attention and support,

Elder of the Realm

P.S. Please refer to the EZBoard for further information about the game's return from hiatus and New Player Appreciation Day event.

P.P.S. It's time to get the word out!

Two new Archaea flyers are available: large (8.5" x 11", whole sheet) and small (4.25" x 5.5", a sheet of 4). Print them out on bright color paper and give them out, post them at school, and share them with friends and family!

June 15, 2004:

Greetings friends & players,

Over the past few months, there has been a decided decline in participation in the game and events are sadly fielding on average less than a dozen players. Given the fact that any live-action game requires a certain critical mass of players to be viable, fun, interesting, and supportive, Archaea cannot shine and live up to its adventuring promise with the low, low numbers.

Attempts have been made by all players to maintain their interest, shore up their commitments, and give of their time, energy, resources, and most importantly, enthusiasm as best they could. Unfortunately, as of late, the average showing up to events has dropped to less than ten.

As of the open discussion held last night at the virtual town hall meeting (read the transcript), a handful of players voiced their ideas, their concerns, their hopes, and their comments about the game, about the longevity of the game, and of the future of Archaea.

Everyone agreed that the game is fun, the system is complete and interesting, and the way things are run and played out have been more than satisfactory. People have been having fun. People want to continue playing. But the game is limping. It was agreed that the main issue at hand was attracting new players and retaining players, that the game needed a way to establish a strong core of willing, able, consistent, and diverse players. Many attempts by many players have been made to advertise, to tap circles of friends, to invite other games and gaming groups, and to re-encourage current flagging players. Alas, the efforts are not yielding the results we want.

As the Elder of the Realm, as a player who really enjoys the game, and as a storyteller, I want the game to continue, to succeed. But I also want the game to be fulfilling, multi-dimensioned, characterful, heroic, and intricately woven with different ideas, different plots, and different intrigues. At this time, with our current player base, I do not believe the game can sustain the level of excellence and detail of adventuring that people have come to expect from Archaea.

The long and short of it is this: the game and its players and its Elders need to reassess, regroup, and relaunch. I am putting the game on hiatus for the next three events. The coming event, Saturday June 19, the following event, Saturday July 3, and lastly, Saturday July 17 are cancelled. Over the next month or so, everyone must weigh in on how to revitalize the game. In other words, I ask that everyone "pardon our dust" while we renovate the player base and work to draw more people to the game.

The goal is to return to play the last weekend in July, Saturday July 31. I suggested that we make the date a "New Player Appreciation" event -- veteran players will make secondary characters and everyone will start in the campaign from a low-powered point to allow new players to spend at least an event getting up to speed. The hiatus is a perfect time for new players to develop characters, to get rulebooks, to read the EZBoards, and to ask a lot of questions. I do not plan to end the current campaign -- the current plots and histories will remain intact and continue to play forward. Veteran players will keep their current characters. The hiatus is a temporary break and the adventure will pick up roughly from where it left off. The hiatus will also be a prime time for players to help advertise and strengthen the game.

Players should continue to check the Archaea website and the EZBoards. Player should continue to stay in contact with one another. And player should keep the player base posted on their efforts, their ideas, their questions, and their concerns.

I look forward to returning to play, and I look forward to people's input.

Many thanks,
Elder of the Realm

June 12, 2004:

The MD/DC/VA Archaea Group will hold a VIRTUAL TOWN HALL MEETING to discuss the game next week, on MONDAY, June 14, starting at 8 PM EST. Players -- past and present, regular and occassional -- are invited to meet in EZBoard chat to discuss the status of the game, plans for the game, and the game's overall longevity.

Please start gathering in the EZBoard chat room at 7:45 PM EST. Participants will have to have access to a computer, an internet connection, and be able to run the Java-based chat through the EZBoard. As stated before, players should come up with a handful of pertinent questions and come ready to talk about ideas and issues related to the game.

A moderator, not necessarily the Elder of the Realm, will be chosen to "run" the conversation.

See you Monday night,
Elder of the Realm
MD/DC/VA Archaea

P.S. If you are unable to make the Virtual Town Hall meeting, a transcript of the conversation will be posted and opportunity to comment will be made afterward on the EZboard.

April 23, 2004:

Read the first ever "A Typical Day as an Archaean Adventurer" comic strip! Presenting Issue #1.

March 30, 2004:

Please take a look at the Archaea EZBoard forum called "A Tinker's Wagon" for MD/DC/VA Archaea Group rules dicussion, clarification, additions, and corrections.

February 28, 2004:

Special guest character profile!

February 27, 2004:


Greetings players, lurkers, and mildly interested folk:

In a way, this is kind of State of the Game address.

The fifth edition Archaea campaign in the MD/DC/VA area has been up and running for nearly a year and a half now. The past year and a half have been filled with fun, camaraderie, and the source for many stories. We've witnessed the launch of a new website, a new rulebook, the gathering of veteran and new players, two campouts, over thirty events, and active out-of-game socialization.

Our player population is comprised of excellent people. We have wonderful role-players with rich and interesting characters. We have excellent game athletes who make our chases through the wilds of Burtonsville fun, who challenge us with a deft sword, and who suffer the slings and arrows as NPCs and monsters. Every player who has joined the Archaean family and stayed has offered their friendship, their loyalty, and their time and effort to make playing a bold and enjoyable experience.

At our height, we fielded over thirty players. A healthy number by my count. At our lowest, we drew less than ten to an event. I have always thought that a quorum of fifteen was necessary for successful play. A better part of the last year and a half, alas, has been under quorum.

I believe the system is sharp, very playable, and capable of sustaining years and years of adventures. I believe the players that are drawn to Archaea and that enjoy Archaea bring the system and the stories to life. I believe that Archaea can be a rich and robust group of LARPers, boffer enthusiasts, and friends. And I want to believe that the game can only get better as the months pass.

However, now is the time to assess how the game is doing, who is still a part of the campaign, and where Archaea is going. The summer and early fall season of 2003 marked the height of the fifth edition campagin culminating in the October campout. Since Halloween, the player base has fallen into a slump. With the onset of winter, holidays, and cold weather, events have had fewer and fewer participants. Moreover, the game has not picked up enough new people nor sustained newcomers to make up for the shortfall of once longstanding players.

I do not have any immediate solutions at the moment. When I held the reins of Archaea from 1992 to 1998, the battle to befriend new players and to retain players was always being fought every day, every month, every year. I must reveal that I am gradually losing confidence in the longevity of the campaign. With player characters now over 200 XP, with characters petitioning for their questing ranks, and with adventure plots and Realm history becoming deeper and broader in scope, the campaign *needs* more bodies, more minds, more subplots, more scheming, more alliances, more faces, more hands, and more enthusiastic spirits.

Everyone I have spoken to about the game has been incredibly supportive and genuine in their desire to see the game continue to succeed. Now we need to manifest material support -- increased, continuous attendance, recruitment of new players, welcoming of new players, and ultimately the self-less, bend-over-backward attempt to retain new players. Please, please, please understand that I, personally, understand the nature of work schedules, school schedules, significant others, and just plain tiredness or lack of interest. Playing a game, being a part of a club, supporting a hobby such as Archaea takes energy, time, money, and most of all, desire. As the Elder, I know all to well such things. But, the game is in need -- one that cannot go ignored or unaddressed much longer.

I would like to place events on a kind of probation. I would like to require RSVPs via the EZBoard for events. If enough players (whether that number is a quorum of 15 or not) respond, then the event will happen. Obviously, players can show up regardless of RSVPing -- it is not required, simply desired -- and allows everyone including myself a way to guage whether we want to go through the trouble of setting aside the time to play, ironing our costumes, gathering our components, and driving to the site. In a way, the RSVP process might place a bit of clan pressure on veterans and "lowbies" to show up more often.

Please, share whatever thoughts, reactions, suggestions, and energy you have. I look forward to the conversation. I look forward *more* to the renaissance of the campaign. Please direct your responses to the EZBoard.

Thanks for your attention,

Elder of the Realm
MD/DC/VA Archaea

January 20, 2004:

Added a new park to the sites list. Calverton-Fairland Park is small and will be used primarily during winter months or small turnout events.

January 12, 2004:

Happy New Year to everyone! Best wishes in 2004! Let's hope this year is a good year for Archaea! I've posted new pictures from the October 2003 campout and a handful of events from late last year. Enjoy!

September 28, 2003:

The MD/DC/VA Archaea group and Blue Mohawk Productions are proud to announce a weekend of camping fun, feasting revelry, and fantasy role-playing excitement!

The FALL CAMPOUT (tenatively entitled "Five Reasons to Spend Highautumn in Teer") will be OCTOBER 24, 25, and 26, 2003 at Cabin John Campgrounds in Rockville, Maryland.

Gates open at 4 PM on Friday, October 24. Players can arrive anytime after four o'clock to set-up camp. The event will begin at 6 PM Friday evening and run through Sunday, October 26. Players must depart the site by 11 AM on Sunday morning.

Pre-registration for the event is STRONGLY recommended to reserve a camping spot and a spot in the action. The cost/donation for the weekend is $10 and should be made in advance either at the October 11 event OR via PayPal.

More information to follow! Hope to see you there!

June 7, 2003:

As of 8:50 AM, a moderate to heavy rain is falling. Forecasts call for heavy thunderstorms all day today. HOWEVER, the weather may still cooperate (as it did every other event day there was rain).

To EASE check-in and game-play in wet conditions, today's event SITE IS CHANGED TO BURTONSVILLE PARK. Again, the event is still ON but will now be held at BURTONSVILLE PARK.

Please CONTINUE to CHECK the announcements list or message board or website for developing details. Please pass the word along to those who might not have access. A FINAL annoucement will be made by 11 AM.

May 30, 2003:

New errata. See Spirit Bolt, Turn Undead and the Foundlings.

May 23, 2003:

I've added three new forums to the MD/DC/VA Archaea EZBoard:

The Cartographer's Hall -- for the discussion of the Realm, its provinces, it's government, the Crown, the history of the Realm, and other worldly matters.

The Codexeum -- for discussion of the lores of the Realm including Magic Lore, Mistic Lore, Plant Lore, Poison Lore, Nautical Lore.

Gharakhan's Menagerie -- for the discussion of animals, beasts, and monsters the adventuring party encounters.

May 8, 2003:

New addenda and errata.

May 3, 2003:

It's official! Archaea has spawned...Introducing...ARCHAEA ROCKY MOUNTAIN!

The folks at ArchaeaRM hope to bring a different gaming experience to the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. The ArchaeaRM group will combine live-action wargaming, table-top "kingdom building," and an interactive fantasy Renaissance Faire.

ArchaeaRM is an independent game running separately from the MD/DC/VA Archaea group. Both games will have separate adventures and campaign history. However, it is encouraged that players here and there exchange conversation, ideas, and encouragement.

ArchaeaRM is holding its first "Get To Know Us" sessions May 3rd, 17th, and 31st. For more information, please see their website: or their EZBoard:

Congratulations on starting their journey! Huzzah!


April 25, 2003:

New pictures are up from the past few events! I've also added new character profiles.

If you haven't been perusing the Archaea EZBoards, I strongly recommend taking a look. The boards are extremely useful for asking questions (in and out of game, in and out of character), reading up on past events, and conversing with other players.

See you all at the next event!

February 28, 2003:

New pictures are up from the past few (snowy) events! I've also added another character profile.

February 14, 2003:

It looks like we're due for some wintery weather AGAIN this weekend. So, please remember to check either the Archaea Yahoo! Group or the Archaea EZBoard or the Archaea website's MOTD for cancellation information. I will also do my best to call point people to spread the word in case the event is a no-go.

January 13, 2003:

Updated character sheets are now available; the sheets have been modified to fit the current 5th edition design.

Corrected pages in PDF format are available in the addenda & errata section. Players can download the corrected pages and print them out to replace old pages in their sourcebook.

A few character profiles have been put up on the website. Check them out!

December 6, 2002:

As of today, tomorrow's event will still be held at Burtonsville Park. Dress warmly. Bring a dry change of clothes just in case.

Errata for the 5th Edition rulebook has been posted. Please make note of it in your rulebooks. Replacement pages in PDF form will be up shortly so you can print out corrections and put them into your books.

December 1, 2002:

New photos are up from Event 1: Campout at Porky Pines Farm and Event 2: Hammond Community Park.

November 10, 2002:

The trek is nearly. The darklings have fled back to the hills and their hideaways in the Ashen mountains. The strange, fleeting shades are quiet. The undead are broken and returned to the ground or the depths of the lake. The waters of Middlesea are calm again skimmed with just the faintest of fog. The city of Umbrua is on the horizon...

Thanks to everyone who made their way out to Porky Pines Farm this weekend for the 10th Anniversary Archaea Event! The first event of the 5th Edition campaign was a success and we're well on our way to further adventures. Thanks to all the players, particularly the brand new folks for giving the game a go! Thanks to the veteran players for rekindling the Archaean spirit. Thanks to everyone who helped behind the scenes to get everything ready: costumes, rulebooks, skill cards, weapons, adventure items. Thanks to the Hartsocks for letting us use their farm!

It is customary for a narrative of events to be recounted for the Archaea newsletter. I don't know people's characters well enough yet to work up a story. So, I leave the telling of the adventure to all of you. From your character's point of view, recount what you saw, heard, did, discovered while traveling. Post your telling on the EZBoard:

This will help the people who didn't make it out to get an idea of what happened. And it'll help give us an in-character look at your character's personality.

The next event is Saturday, November 23 at Hammond Community Park.

Thanks again all for a great event and adventure!

October 25, 2002:

The campout is coming up and people are underway to get ready for the launch of the new campaign.

Given the current trend in weather, it will probably be pretty darn cold come November 8-10. Make sure you dress appropriately, costume appropriately, and pack enough warm layers for camping, sleeping, and running around the woods.

Porky Pines Farm is a primitive site meaning you will need to bring all the staples of camping: shelter, food, water (probably extra, hopefully it won't freeze), lighting (if you have glowtsicks left over from Halloween, please bring 'em), trash bags (everything must get taken away when we leave), toilet paper. We are looking into getting a port-a-pot but if that doesn't happen, it'll just be the outhouse we call the bushes.

Remember the game's prohibitions.

A game official will be at the site by 4 PM. There will be check-in until about 6 PM on the first day. Players are encouraged to submit their character information PRIOR to the campout. However, you will be able to come in and fill in a character sheet the first day. There will be a second check-in on Saturday morning.

We will play as long as the adventure sustains itself and as long as players are willing. Sundays are usually clean-up days but there may be adventuring in the morning as well.

Currently, the unofficial count for participants is approximately 20, which is enough to meet quorum. Hopefully, more will be coming.

Players must build a zero-XP character to start meaning you must spend all 30 Building Points. Fill out a character sheet with only the BPs spent. Bonus XP, as follows, can be spent only after the Building Points are used up.

Characters will be awarded a starting experience of 15 XP. The experience must be spent after all 30 BPs are spent. Remember, BPs cannot be saved and then used in conjunction with XP.

Furthermore, characters may earn an additiona +5 XP for filling out the character questionnaire and turning in a 500-1000 word character history. If you wish your character to start with the bonus points, you must submit your questionnaire and history by November 1. Once reviewed and passed, your character gains the +5 XP.

Finally, players may perform what I like to call "Archaea Community Service" to earn additional bonus XP to a maximum of +5 XP per period of service. This service must be arranged with me and a certain number of hours will be calculated. The following volunteer opportunities are currently available:

1) PREP PARTIES: at my house, to make skill cards, put together rulebooks, make spell components, make potions and scrolls, make game money, organize check-in materials, and other insundry needs. We will probably have a couple of prep sessions. (2-4 volunteers needed, approximately 5-6 hours worth of work per session)

2) NPC SURCOATS: need about 6-8 surcoats made out of a plain, durable material, with no symbols. Just surcoats about knee-length. The NPC symbol will be painted on later once I figure out what it is. (any number of volunteers can divide up how many they wish to make)

3) NPC SYMBOLS: 3" diameter cloth symbols, easiest to make laser printed iron ons or hand painted, of various provinces and organizations, which can be pinned or velcroed to surcoats (any number of volunteers)

4) NPC WEAPONS: got extra materials? got extra time? make an extra weapon to add to the game's lendable stockpile. At the moment, I'd like 2 sets of 12" animal-print claws made. (any number of volunteers)

Please contact me if you wish to volunteer. A budget will be determined for the things I want made unless players want to donate the materials. I may add things as the days pass.

Once the service is completed, the bonus XP will be awarded. Again, if players wish to spend the XP for community service, they must complete the service before the campout.

I will also be asking veteran players to take specific, full-time Elder appointments to help with things like check-in, new player orientation, weapons & costume check, and organization representation. Plus, I will be needing NPC volunteers all weekend.

Characters who wish to petition for an Organization and wish to start in that Organization at the campout must complete the character questionnaire, history, AND petition by Nov. 1.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

October 16, 2002:

The ritual list is now up. Rituals are listed only with a brief description. Complete descriptions will be made available soon via PDF file or full-version Archaea sourcebook.

Thanks to Skinner for creating the brand new character questionnaire form, which allows you to type in your answers and email them to the Elder of the Realm.

October 14, 2002:

The media blitz is on! Everyone should be spreading the word that the new 5th Edition Archaea campaign is about to begin! The first event is only a few weeks away! We need players now! Pre-registration for the campout is suggested. Email your RSVPs now!

Need something to hand out? Two Archaea flyers are available: large (8.5" x 11") and small (4.25" x 5.5", a sheet of 4). Print them out on bright color paper and give them out, post them at school, and share them with friends and family!

Updated map of Archaea is now available online. Make sure when you open the JPG file that you expand the image to the largest possible. It's a big file but necessary to keep the detail.

October 13, 2002:

Added the character questionnaire for the character gallery. Feel free to answer the questions and write a character history. Players who complete the questionnaire, provide a 500-1000 word character history, and submit a character portrait for the Gallery will earn a one-time per character +5 Experience Point bonus. The Elder of the Realm must review and approve of the questionnaire and history.

October 12, 2002:

The character sheets are available for download in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader 5.0).

October 11, 2002:

All of the Lineal Organizations are now listed on the Archaea website.

The spell list is now up. Spells are listed only with a brief description. Complete descriptions will be made available soon via PDF file or full-version Archaea sourcebook.

The first event will be a campout weekend, November 8 through 10, at Porky Pines Farm in Clarksburg, MD. Details about the campout are forthcoming! Plan for the weekend and spread the word that Archaea is back!

October 10, 2002:

All of the Social Organizations are now listed on the Archaea website.

October 9, 2002:

The new and improved (and quite fancy) Archaea website ( is now online! The new website features a dazzling new layout and design. The website also details much of the 5th Edition rules. The plan is to have a "shareware" version of the 5th Edition Archaea sourcebook online (PDF files forthcoming). Players can begin to formulate their characters with the information provided online. Then players are encouraged to get the full-version of the rulebook. Take a look around the site and leave comments on the message board in The Archon section.

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