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Addenda are supplements, expansions, and new material added to the 5th edition Archaea rulebook. Addenda include new skills, new spells, new rituals, new history, new organizations, and other information. The Elder of the Realm may choose to use the addenda in the campaign and all players should make a copy of all new rules.

Errata are corrections, modifications, and clarifications of existing material. As revisions are made, each new run of the Archaea Sourcebook will be fully updated. However, for minor errata, players may simply print out the changes and include them with their current rulebook.

PDF versions of the corrected pages for the 5th edition rulebook are provided for each addendum and erratum. Click on the 'pdf' link to download the revised pages. Corrected pages are always provided in front/back sets. Print one side (odd page number), return the sheet into your printer's paper tray (careful of the orientation), and print the second side (even page number). The printed page can then replace the old page in the sourcebook. The corrected pages are provided for personal use only.

If players discover any typos, errors, or confusing explanations, please email the problem and the page number to the Elder of the Realm.


p. 34 Starting Spells, 3rd paragraph, change to give generalists Detect Magic and Dispel Magic for free: "For generalist casters, they gain spells with each General Arche level. A starting generalist gains the first level Power spells Detect Magic and Dispel Magic for free. For each General Arche level, the mage gains three spell slots for the bought level. The character may choose any three spells of that level regardless of arche and whether the spell is free or lost. Certain organizational spells may be chosen but must be approved by the Elder of the Realm. Furthermore, for each General Arche level bought, the caster gains one free-floating spell slot to be used for any lower, preceding level. - pdf

p. 116 Knights of the Banner, insert following line after the requisite chart: "A knightís powers may be used at will and requires calling the respective spellís invocation line." - pdf


p. 18 Magic Ability, 3rd paragraph, change the first sentence to read: "Buying Magic Ability once grants the player access to one Arche of spells and the Arche of Power for specialists or just the General Arche for generalists." - pdf

p. 19 Magic Research, creating a magic reservoir: change the first sentence of that section to read: "Creating a magic reservoir, an item to hold Magic Points, is similar to making a level 1 permanently enchanted item." - pdf

p. 21 Personal Item, 3rd paragraph, change 3rd and 4th sentence to read: "It cannot be permanently destroyed or taken out of play by usual in-game means (e.g. dispelled, destroyed by a Disintegrate spell). Though certain skills and effects may make the item temporarily destroyed or inert."

p. 24 Waylay, 4th paragraph, change the first sentence to add duration of the Waylay: "This skill allows the character to knock a target unconscious for 5 minutes once per day." - pdf

p. 44 Totem I, 8th paragraph: change duration to 30 minutes - pdf

p. 45 Totem II, 7th paragraph: change duration to 30 minutes - pdf

p. 66 Dispel Magic, 4th paragraph, revise the following sentence: "For every extra Magic Point, the Dispel Magic gains a level to a maximum of double the caster's level in the Arche of Power or the General Arche." - pdf

p. 69 Spirit Bolt: this spell is no longer organizational-only; however, the fourth level Spirit spell Spirit Bolts remains Council-only - pdf

p. 69 Spirit Bolt, change 2nd paragraph, spell now ignores armor: "Spirit Bolt is represented by a black spellball. For undead, the Spirit Bolt acts like a Critical weapon hit. For living targets, the Spirit Bolt inflicts only a Light weapon hit. Spirit Bolt ignores but does not destroy armor and shields. A creature protected by the ninth level Body spell Protection from Death is immune to this spell. - pdf

p. 69 Invisibility to Undead, add the following paragraph to the end of the spell's description: "However, once the caster attacks or makes any offensive move against an undead, the Invisibility to Undead fades." - pdf

p. 69 Turn Undead, 3rd and 4th paragraph, revise to read:

"The power of Turn Undead can be increased by expending additional Magic Points. For every extra MP beyond the initial three to invoke the spell, the Turn gains a level to a maximum of double the casterís level in the Arche of Spirit. Furthermore, the length of the incantation is increased by 15 words for each added level.

For example, a caster wishes to invoke Turn Undead at level 5. The caster must spend the initial 3 Magic Points plus 2 Magic Points to gain a level 5 Turn Undead. Furthermore, though the base level for Turn Undead is three, if the caster invokes the spell at a higher level, the spell is dispelled, placed in Mnemonic, stored in a scroll, potion, or item, and cast at that increased level." - pdf

p. 82 Mistic's Armor, change invocation: "I, [insert name], evoke the Path of White to grant me the Armor of the Mists!" - pdf

p. 111 Brotherhood of Esshien, requisite chart, 1st Rank: add Magic Lore 1 to the requirements, change the total cost for the 1st Rank to 35 points - pdf

p. 114 Guardians of the Shield, requisite chart, 2nd Rank: change Comprehend Languages to Translation - pdf

p. 116 Knights of the Banner, requisite chart, 1st Rank: change the points required for the level to 25 - pdf

p. 126 Foundlings description, 4th paragraph: change "5 hit-point or greater" to read "6 hit-point or greater." - pdf

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