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Message of the Day
The Message of the Day (MOTD) provides up-to-date information and any other material pertaining to the maintenance of Archaea. Please read new messages!

The MD/DC/VA group is currently inactive! If you're interested in starting a group, please contact the site's webmaster.

Events & Important Dates
The MD/DC/VA Archaea Group adventures on Saturdays once every two weeks unless otherwise noted. This section lists the season's events, dates, and locations. Don't forget to check the MOTD for details in case of inclement weather or for last minute schedule changes.

Parks & Sites
Adventures are held at local public parks in Maryland -- generally in Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and Howard County. The following lists available sites as well as directions.

Message Board & Contact
If you want more information, would like to make a suggestion, or simply send the MD/DC/VA Archaea group a friendly note, please feel free to join the announcements list, the message board, or to contact the game. Looking for live-action resources or other games? Go to these LARP links.

MD/DC/VA Archaea Live-Action Role-Playing and Wargaming Group

Make a donation to the MD/DC/VA Archaea Group. Donations, large or small, cover the cost of creating game materials (rulebooks, skill cards, game money, adventure costuming, adventure props) and event costs (administrative supplies, site rental, feast preparations) when applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Archaea? What do you need to play? How do you start your own Archaea group? The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Archaea.

Rules & Addenda
The main Archaea Live-Action Role-Playing and Wargaming Information Site details the history of the game, the rules of play, and the realm of Archaea. The MD/DC/VA Archaea Group addenda contains recent changes, modifications, or "house rules" to the 5th edition Archaea sourcebook. Go here for details on how to purchase a rulebook.

Gallery & Characters
Archaea is about action and color, adventure and setting, fantasy and intrigue and we have the pictures to prove it. Furthermore, no drama nor adventure is complete without a cast of characters. Listed here are some of the players from the MD/DC/VA Archaea Group and their in-game personas.

The Archon
The Archon is the newsletter for the MD/DC/VA Archaea Group. The Archon is published quarterly and contains event information, game information, addenda, game-inspired writing and artwork, and character information.

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