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Listed below are various links to information, resources, and other web pages related to Archaea, other live-action games, or role-playing games in general. Much of the information and descriptions are taken directly from the respective websites. If you would like to include a link or have a link corrected or removed, please email the webmaster.

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Main Archaea Links

Archaea MD/DC/VA Group
The website for the Maryland/DC/Virginia Archaea Group. The site details events, sites, frequently asked questions, and characters. The site also has a gallery of pictures and the Archaea newsletter The Archon.

Archaea EZBoard
The MD/DC/VA Archaea EZBoard allows for out-of-game posts, out-of-character discussions, in-character posts, and specific conversations about play, rules, character organizations, and the Realm of Archaea.

Archaea Yahoo! Group
The MD/DC/VA Archaea Group's Yahoo! email list is used for announcements, out-of-game conversations, and feedback.

Archaea Rocky Mountain

Archaea Rocky Mountain
The website for the Archaea Rocky Mountain group based in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. ArchaeaRM is an independent group from the MD/DC/VA Group running its own adventures and campaign setting.

ArchaeaRM EZBoard
The Archaea Rocky Mountain EZBoard allows for out-of-game posts, out-of-character discussions, and in-game posts concerning the ArchaeaRM group.

ArchaeaRM Yahoo! Group
ArchaeaRM Group's Yahoo! email list is used for announcements, out-of-game conversations, and feedback.

Other Live-Action Games

Age of Valor
Age of Valor is a resource for LARP rules and game concepts developed by a group of avid live action gamers in 1997. (New England)

Fantasy live-action system involving boffer combat that stresses roleplaying. Akashia also features a well developed environment and logical skill progression. Current chapters are running in Kentucky and Michigan.

Amtgard is a non-profit educational corporation dedicated to the study and recreation of the medieval and fantasy eras and genres. Amtgard is also a live action role playing (LARP) game that endeavors to recreate individual and group combat from the periods mentioned above. (National)

Avalon LLC
Avalon LLC is a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) company which holds game events set in a medieval world of fantasy! The story of Avalon takes place in the world of Verose. Verose is a fantasy world of adventure, storytelling, myth and magick. (Virginia)

Cambrion Adventures
Cambrion Adventures is a Live Combat Fantasy LARP set in the rich and exciting campaign world of the Lands of Cambron. (Washington, DC)

Dagorhir combines fast-paced full-contact combat simulation with elements of live action role-playing. Dagorhir combines elements of both history and fantasy. Dagorhir is both a sport and a game. (Maryland/National)

Darkon is a foam-fighting group that combines elements from both medieval and fantasy genres into an action packed experience that is more than just your average LARP. (Baltimore/Washington, DC)

International Fantasy Gaming Society (IFGS)
The International Fantasy Gaming Society (IFGS) is a not-for-profit organization created to design and run safe, live-scale, outdoor fantasy games. If you like fantasy, science fiction, or heroic games, you will enjoy gaming with us. The IFGS has designed a live-scale fantasy gaming system with mechanisms for fighting and for roleplaying. (National)

Live-action role-playing game in the UK. (Southeast England)

New England Roleplaying Organization (NERO)
According to the Boston Globe, NERO "blends elements of the legend of Robin Hood, classical fantasy fiction such as Lord of the Rings, improvisational theatre, the epic of King Arthur, tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, a Renaissance fair and maybe a little psychodrama." It's all of these and more. (New England)

The Quest
Maui's only live-action role-playing game. (Hawaii)

ShadowRealms LARP
Shadow Realms LARP is a new and exciting fantasy LARP (Live Action Role Playing) game. Located just 15 minutes north of Barrie on over 50 acres of forest with a wide variety of landscapes Shadow Realms LARP provides a unique medieval setting. (Barrie, Toronto, CAN)

Swordfighting Character Productions
A "boffing" game. (Kent, WA)

Triangle Adventure and Live Action Network. (North Carolina)

Warrenton Area Game Club
We are a Northern Virginia based group of gamers that enjoy wargames, role-playing, miniatures, board gaming and card games. (Northern Virginia)

Xanodria Productions Inc. is a gaming company that produces Living Adventures. We allow you to become a character in another place and time. Want to try your hand at fighting hordes of Goblins with your trusty broadsword? Care to brew up complex Alchemical formulae? Feel like pitting your wits and sanity against mind-twisting plots aimed at world domination by foul Elder Beings? Have we got something for you! (Kempton, PA)

Live-Action Role-Playing Resources

Ethereal Kingdom
United all medieval LARPers of North America. (Directory)

Fluffybunny's Laws of Combat
Murphy's Laws of Combat and Fluffybunny's Laws of Combat. (Humor)
Listing of LARPs worldwide as well as webhosting for LARPs. (Directory)

Live-Action Role-Players Association (LARPA)
LARPA is a non-profit organization that exists exclusively to promote Live Roleplaying around the globe by spreading information about Live Roleplaying, as a form of art, education, and entertainment. (Organization)

Rampant Mouse Weaponry
Take a look at our incredibly realistic latex weapons designed specifically for Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) Game Combat. We take pride in providing weapons that have been used safely for over a decade in LARPs across Europe. Give our weapons a try. You will never go back to duct tape and PVC! (Not sure if they're passable in Archaea, but they're definitely quite pretty.)

Shade's LARP List
One of the oldest online listings of LARPs and role-playing games around the world.

Visionary Entertainment Studios
A role-playing game company that produces The Everlasting. Website has a role-playing game directory.


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