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The MD/DC/VA Archaea Group holds events all year round. Day events are held on Saturday every two weeks unless otherwise noted. Once every quarter, a weekend or two-day event (play on Saturday and Sunday) will be held. Finally, with strong interest and during good weather, the MD/DC/VA Archaea Group will hold a weekend campout.

On day events, game officials arrive at the site around 11:30 AM for new player orientation and to begin check-in. During check-in, players sign-in, process any game materials, spend experience points, and update their characters. Also during check-in, players' weapons, constumes, armors, and other equipment and accouterments are passed for safety and appropriateness for the game. The event begins at 12:30 PM and runs till completion (approximately 3-5 hours). A $1 donation per day is asked for one-day and two-day events.

For campout events, game officials arrive at the camping site around 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon to open the area, set up Elders' camp, and welcome players. If possible, check-in briefly done from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The event begins at 6:00 PM and runs till Sunday morning. Players are encouraged to stay for the whole weekend and to be in-character and in-game for the entire event. Clean-up is held on Sunday morning and the site is cleared by 11:00 AM. A $5 donation is asked for weekend events.

MD/DC/VA Archaea Events Schedule (Year 2006)

The following is a list of Archaea event dates and event locations. Click on the site for directions. Dates and locations are subject to change. Check the Archaea website or message board often for current event information (particularly in cases of inclement weather).

#101 -- Saturday, June 17 -- Burtonsville Park *CANCELLED*
#102 -- Saturday, July 1 -- NO EVENT -- HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!
#102 -- Saturday, July 15 -- Hammond Community Park
#103 -- Saturday, July 29 -- Burtonsville Park
#104 -- Saturday, August 12 -- Burtonsville Park
#105 -- Saturday, September 9 -- Burtonsville Park
#106 -- Saturday, September 23 -- Hammond Community Park
#107 -- Saturday, October 7 -- Gorman Park

Alas, this group is currently inactive.

Always check the Archaea message board or the MOTD for details in case of inclement weather or for last minute schedule changes.

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