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The MD/DC/VA Archaea group holds events at local Maryland public parks. All of the sites are generally located in the Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and Howard County and are easily accessible even by players from Northern Virginia and from Baltimore. Refer to the events page for upcoming game days and the location for each date. Detailed below are the primary event sites used by the MD/DC/VA Archaea group and includes campout locations. The following maps are not to scale.

Map to Beltsville Park Directions to Beltsville Community Park: Beltsville Park is located in Beltsville, MD in Prince George's County (near Calverton). The park land is actually called Little Paint Branch Park but the Beltsville Community Center is located on the site -- the name Beltsville Park is easier to remember.

Map to Burtonsville Park Directions to Burtonsville Community Park: Burtonsville Park is located in Burtonsville, MD (Montgomery County) off of Oursler Road, which is off of Burtonsville Road (Route 198). Burtonsville Park is one of the group's most used sites.

Map to Cabin John Campgrounds Directions to Cabin John Campgrounds: Cabin John Campgrounds (also called McDonnell Campgrounds) is located in Rockville, MD (Montgomery County) off of Tuckerman Road. The campground is part of Cabin John Regional Park.

Map to Calverton-Fairland Park Directions to Calverton-Fairland Park: Calverton-Fairland Park is located in Silver Spring, MD (Montgomery County) off of Fairland Road, which is off of Columbia Pike/Route 29. Calverton-Fairland Park is close to Burtonsville Park.

Map to Gorman Park & Hammond Park Directions to Hammond Community Park and Gorman Park: Hammond Community Park is located near Scaggsville, MD in Howard County (near Hammond Elementary & Middle School). Gorman Park is located off of Gorman Road south of Columbia, MD in Howard County (also near Scaggsville).

Map to Little Bennett & Porky Pines Directions to Little Bennett & Porky Pines Farm: Little Bennett Regional Park is located in northern Montgomery County near Clarksburg, MD. The park has a large campground area called the Primitive Site that Archaea uses for its weekend campouts. Porky Pines Farm is a privately owned farm (the Hartsocks) within Little Bennett Regional Park. Directions to the farm are similar to the Little Bennett Primitive Site.

Map to Redland & Lake Frank Directions to Redland Middle School and Lake Frank Park: Redland Middle School is located on Muncaster Mill Road (Route 115) close to Lake Frank and Lake Needwood near Rockville, MD in Montgomery County. Lake Frank Park is located near Rockville, MD in Montgomery County and is part of the Rock Creek Regional Park. It is also called Lake Bernard Frank and is close to Lake Needwood Park.

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