Chapter Six: Rule of Misticism (p.3)

The Ritual List

The ritual list is arranged by level or circle. The rituals for each level are listed alphabetically. Remember that each ritual is defined for a particular mistical alignment (W = White, G = Gray, B = Black). Rituals marked with an asterisk (*) are lost and must be found during adventuring.

The First Circle

1 - Center (W), Imbue Path* (W/G/B), Minor Circle of Protection (W), Sense Magic (W), Sense Misticism (W), Yes-Or-No Augury (W)

The Second Circle

2 - Identify (W), Mistic's Armor* (W), Mistic's Light (W), Moment of Strength* (G), Quiet (W), Translation (W)

The Third Circle

3 - Hide Magic (G), Hide Path (G), Join (W), Lesser Reservation* (B), Sense Alignment (W), Sense Traps (W), Speak With Spirit (B), Turn Path (G)

The Fourth Circle

4 - Augury (W), Energy (G), Lesser Lay On Hands (G), Petition (B), Continuity* (W), Ritual of Two Vessels* (B), Wrested Spirit* (B)

The Fifth Circle

5 - Cauldron* (B), Greater Circle of Protection (B), Lesser Focus* (W/G/B), Minor Creation* (W), Mistic Weapon (G), Moment of Fortune (W)

The Sixth Circle

6 - Animate Dead* (B), Chalice* (W), Circle of Truth (W), Lesser Form (G), Sanctuary (W), Lying* (B), Voice of the Fog* (G)

The Seventh Circle

7 - Broken Memory* (G), Calamity* (B), Greater Lay on Hands (W), Prison (B)

The Eighth Circle

8 - Bestow Moment of Fortune (W), Greater Augury (W), Greater Form (G), Greater Reservation* (B), Preservation* (B), Unraveling (G)

The Ninth Circle

9 - Banish Path (G), Bestow Sanctuary* (W), Corruption* (B), Probition (W)

The Tenth Circle

10 - Doom* (B), Greater Focus* (W/G/B), Hero (G), Major Circle of Protection (W), Major Creation* (W)

The Twelfth Circle

12 - Rite of Life* (W)

The Fifteenth Circle

15 - Rite of Gray Sands* (G)

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