The Social Organizations: The House of Healers, The Guardians

The House of Healers

Smaller though no less influential than the Academy or the Circle, the House of Healers can be found in every major town or city and is dedicated to aiding the sick, wounded, and dying.

Founded many, many centuries ago by a Lacian healer named Morewen, the House of Healers holds peace, growth, and community important. Using the theme of a family, the heads of Houses are called Mothers or Fathers and its members are called Brothers and Sisters. The hierarchy is then divided into seats or chairs as if sitting around a supper table. In fact, the House makes no judgment on those receiving aid. If possible, even the enemies of the House are not turned away as long as they can maintain truce and respectful peace.

The House of Healers celebrates the memory and spirit of Morewen especially on nights of a full moon. Such evenings are celebrated with a feast in honor of the matron healer and a affirmation of "Morewen's Promise:"

I give my oath by the guidance of Morewen and all I hold good that I shall not turn from the home, heart, and duty of a healer; that I will practice my benevolent art and medicine with generosity and trust; that I shall turn away no man, woman, child, or life in pain or in sickness as long as I am able to share my aid; that I shall always strive to mend and ease the wounds of body, mind, spirit, and land; that I shall never use my art in wrong doing or corruption or raise my hand against another save to defend the sick, the home, or the good. I give my oath and keep it in prosperity and honor lest I fail and forswear all.

Members are called upon in times of war, famine, plague, and disaster to aid those in need. They are often given aid in the form of medicinal supplies and healing potions and scrolls. Members are usually those skilled in Aid or mages who concentrate in the Arche of Body with some skill in Air, Earth, Mind, Plant, and Water. However, no member may practice the Arche of Spirit magics beyond level three.

House members cannot take Weapon Proficiency for Mortal or greater weapon, buy Armor Proficiency for armors greater than Chain Mail (8-point), or learn to use Large shields. Furthermore, House members cannot buy Increased Damage or take the skill Killing Strike.

The requisites for the House of Healers are as follows (calculated for Rule of Knowledge):





Third Aider

Arche of Body 1, Aid 1
Arche of Power 1,
Animal Lore 1, Mineral Lore 1
Plant Lore 1
Poison Lore 1, Magic Lore 1
Courtier 1, Streetwise 1
Nautical Lore 1
History 1, Legend Lore 1
Organization 1


• membership
• awarded Morewen's Medal (3 uses per day, invokes Heal Light Wound)
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend of 1 Crown per rank per event)
• free or replacement Aid Kit

Second Aider

Arche of Body 2, Aid 2
Arche of Power 2
Mineral Lore 2, Plant Lore 2
Poison Lore 2
Mistic Lore 1
1st Favored Knowledge 2
Immunity to Disease 1


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 4 per day

First Aider

Arche of Body 3, Aid 3
Arche of Power 3
Mineral Lore 3, Plant Lore 3
Poison Lore 3
1st Favored Knowledge 3
2nd Favored Knowledge 3


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 5 per day (also invokes Heal Critical Wound)

Healer, 6th Chair

Arche of Body 4, Aid 4
Arche of Mind 1
Organization 2


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 6 per day
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend increased to 5 Crowns per rank per event)

Healer, 5th Chair

Arche of Body 5
Arche of Mind 2
Aid 5
Mineral Lore 4, Plant Lore 4
Poison Lore 4
1st Favored Knowledge 4
Immunity to Poison 1


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 7 per day (also invokes Purge Taint)

Healer, 4th Chair

Arche of Body 6, Aid 6
Arche of Mind 3
Arche of Power 4
2nd Favored Knowledge 4
Poison Research 1


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 8 per day (also invokes Heal Mortal Wound)

Healer, 3rd Chair

Arche of Body 7, Aid 7
Arche of Mind 4
Arche of Power 5
Mineral Lore 5, Plant Lore 5
Poison Lore 5
1st Favored Knowledge 5


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 9 per day

Healer, 2nd Chair

Arche of Body 8, Aid 8
Arche of Mind
2nd Favored Knowledge 5
Organization 3


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 10 per day (also invokes Resuscitation)
• Organizational spell: Morewen's Promise
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend increased to 10 Crowns per rank per event)

Healer, 1st Chair

Arche of Body 9, Aid 9
Mineral Lore 7, Plant Lore 7
Poison Lore 7
1st Favored Knowledge 6
2nd Favored Knowledge 6
Immunity to Paralysis 1


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 11 per day

Healer, Mother's or Father's Chair

Arche of Body 10, Aid 10
Mineral Lore 8
Plant Lore 8
Poison Lore 8
1st Favored Knowledge 7
2nd Favored Knowledge 7
3rd Favored Knowledge 3
4th Favored Knowledge 3
another Immunity, Status 1


• invoke Morewen's Medal x 12 per day (also invokes Mass Heal)
• Organizational spell: Morewen's Word

FAVORED KNOWLEDGES: Animal Lore, History, Legend Lore, Magic Lore, Mistic Lore, Nautical Lore

To mark their affiliation, all members receive Morewen's Medal, a mistical talisman ordained with healing magics. The Medal can be invoked a certain number of times per day with varying results. The higher the rank of the character, the more powerful the Medal's healing magic. The Medal is considered a personal item and cannot be taken from the member and cannot be used by anyone except the member.

The Guardians of the Shield

Allied to the Knights of the Banner and the House of Healers, the Guardians of the Shield are a well-trained and highly-organized group of men and women dedicated to the Crown, to the service of the Sar, and the protection of the Realm's cities and citizens.

Officially recognized by Sar Regenta X in 888 CE, the organization actually began in Sarhall during the unlawful reign of Sar Wescan V, who assassinated Regenta IX to take the thrown. The town guard and members of the Royal Banner, led by Lord High Seneschal of Sarhall named Turun (a Curi name meaning "wall" or "shield"), helped in the removal of the usurper king. To this day, the Lord High Seneschal of Sarhall is still the commander of all the Guardians. Furthermore, as part of their official recognition, the white mistics of Sarhall evoked a great calling to grant Guardians special powers similar to those gained by the Knights of the Banner.

The Guardians serve as elite members of the city guard all across the Realm. They often rise quickly through the ranks to become sergeants and captains of the militia. They wear their golden surcoats with honor and pride--the symbol of the Guardians is a shield emblazoned with a radiant sun. The Guardians are the upholders of the law, the bringers of justice, and the protectors of the innocent. If not serving in a town or city, members of this stalwart organization are often assigned to guard caravans, ambassadorial trains, and royal ships. They are friend and protector of the House of Healers and the Silver Guild.

A character of Rule of Knowledge cannot become a Guardian of the Shield. All Guardians must wear at least 6 hit-point armor at minimum on their torso, though chain mail is preferred, and they favor the arms combination of long sword and shield. The Guardians follow a simple code, based on the hero-knight Sir Ilius's Ten Codes of Honor:

1) Thou are a keeper of law and justice. Thou shall uphold the laws of the land and loyally serve the Crown.
2) Thy city is thy charge. Thy charge is thy honor. To bring harm to thy charge is to harm thyself and thy honor.
3) Thou shall always aid and protect the innocent, the young, the weak, and the weary.
4) Thy shall follow a strict code of authority and provide honor and respect to those deserving by their station.

The requisites for the Guardians of the Shield are as follows (calculated for Rule of Arms):





Guardian, 1st Rank

Immunity to Fear 1
Leadership 1
Courtier 1, Streetwise 1
History 1, Nautical Lore 1
Tracking 1, Aid 1
Waylay 1
Organization 1


• membership
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend of 1 Crown per rank per event)
• Organizational skill: Looting 1
• Organizational ability: invoke Light x 3 a day at will

Guardian, 2nd Rank

Immunity to Fear 2
Leadership 2
Courtier 2, Streetwise 2
History 2, Nautical Lore 2
Waylay 2, Aid 2


• Organizational ability: invoke Translation x 3 a day at will

Guardian, 3rd Rank

Immunity to Fear 3
Leadership 3
Courtier 3, Streetwise 3
History 3, Nautical Lore 3
Waylay 3, Aid 3


• Organizational ability: invoke Detect Traps x 3 a day at will

Guardian, 1st Officer

Leadership 4
Courtier 4, Streetwise 4
Aid 4
Constitution 1
Feat of Strength 1
Organization 2


• awarded Guardian's Shield (permanent magical shield, cannot be destroyed)
• Organizational ability: invoke Truthspeak x 3 a day at will
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend increased to 5 Crown per rank per event)

Guardian, 2nd Officer

Leadership 5
Courtier 5, Streetwise 5
Aid 5
1st Primary Skill 2
any Language
Constitution 2
Feat of Strength 2


• Organizational ability: invoke Detect Magic x 3 a day at will

Guardian, 3rd Officer

Leadership 6
Courtier 6, Streetwise 6
Aid 6
Constitution 3
Feat of Strength 3


• Organizational ability: invoke Seal/Unseal x 3 a day at will

Guardian, 4th Officer

Leadership 7
Courtier 7, Streetwise 7
Aid 7
Constitution 4
Feat of Strength 4


• Organizational ability: invoke Awaken x 3 a day at will

Guardian Sergeant

Immunity to Fear 5
Aid 8
1st Primary Skill 3
Tracking 3
Status 1


• Organizational ability: invoke Detect Invisibility x 3 a day at will
• awarded Guardian's Weapon (permanent Electrum weapon)
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend increased to 10 Crown per rank per event)
• Organizational perk: issue a Warrant for Arrest

Guardian Lieutenant

Immunity to Fear 7
Aid 9
1st Primary Skill 5
Tracking 5
Waylay 4


• Organizational ability: invoke Mend x 3 a day at will

Guardian Captain

Immunity to Fear 8
Leadership 8
History 5, Aid 10
1st Primary Skill 7
Tracking 7


• Organizational ability: invoke Heal Critical Wound x 3 a day at will
• Organization ability: Physical Defense level 1

PRIMARY SKILLS: Armorsmithing, Legend Lore, Mineral Lore, Music Lore, Plant Lore, Poison Lore, Weaponsmithing

A First Officer Guardian is often awarded a permanent magical shield that functions as per the fourth level Earth spell Greater Shield. Upon reaching the rank of Guardian Sergeant, a member is awarded a permanent magical weapon usually enchanted with the third level Earth spell Electrum. These items are considered personal and cannot be taken from the character nor can they be used by anyone else than the Guardian.

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