The Social Organizations: The Knights of the Banner

Begun by Sar Eahur over a thousand years ago, the Banner Knights served as an elite force during the war against Talanth. Their code and demeanor were modeled after the hero-knight Sir Ilius.

The first six Banners were officially ordained in 80 BCE by Sar Enar. A great calling of mistics bestowed magical powers to each order of knights. Later, after the war, Sar Enar also established the Knights of the Royal Banner whose color was the noblest of purple. These special knights are the personal guard of the Sar. No player-character may be a Knight of the Royal Banner.

Since then, two new Banners were ordained during the War of the Two Realms in 1196 CE. Today, the Banner Knights remain a strong corps of armored warriors who strive the embody the code of chivalry. They must be loyal, trustworthy, and just in their actions. They must be recognized as leaders among their peers, officially or not, and are courageous on the field of battle. Banner Knights will not fight amongst themselves out of anger or vengeance, but only as a matter of honor. And even when two Banner Knights meet in a fight of honor, it is never to the death.

Respected by the realm, the word of a Banner Knight carries much weight in matters of justice. A Banner is usually never sought by an individual, but is bestowed upon a person of high character and worthy deeds.

The Banner Knights are divided into eight groups designated by color and duty. The eight Banners are divided into two groups: battle and command.

One the one hand, the battle colors are Amber, Azure, Ebony, Emerald, and Scarlet; they are the field warriors.

Knights of the Amber Banner are usually compassionate and helpful. They are the reserve forces who provide aid for their comrades and were often skilled in the medicinal arts. Their abilities lies in their power to heal.

Knights of the Azure Banner are usually swift, persistent, and adaptive. They serve alongside the Scarlet Banner in courage and conviction and are often flankers on the battlefield. Their abilities lie in the power over air and water.

Knights of Ebony Banner provided support for the first wave of knights and provide defense for the Ambers while they retrieved the hurt and dead. The Ebony Banner specialize in dealing with enchantments and the fallen. Though these knights are touched with the necromantic arts and are often somber and grim, they remain true to the Path of White. Their abilities lie in the power over magic and spirit.

Knights of the Emerald Banner served as scouts and tended to be armored the lightest of all the knights. They were sent into the field before the heavy fighters to run reconnaissance, to check for enemy movement, and to check for traps and ambushes. Their abilities lie primarily in the power over plant and animal.

Knights of the Scarlet Banner were meant to strike first and strike hard. They are often the youngest of all the Banner Knights full of rash bravery and striving dedication. Their powers lie in the strength and ferocity of fire.

On the other hand, the command colors are Brazen and Silver; they are the generals and leaders.

Knights of the Brazen Banner serve as captains and generals upon the field of battle. Depending on their experience and ability, these knights serve to lead groups of other Banners. A Knight of the Brazen Banner often begins as a Knight of the Scarlet Banner who is promoted to command. Their powers lie in the power over earth.

Knights of the Silver Banner are the highest ranking leaders of all the Banners. They are the administrators, the commanders-in-chief, the tacticians, and the precepts of the Houses of the Banners all over the realm. A Knight of the Silver Banner begins as a battle Banner who as achieved superlative distinction and honor. Their powers lie in the power over the mind.

Generally, a starting character begins in one of the five field Banners. To gain promotion to the command Banners, the character must petition and spend points early to gain Status level 3. If the character is promoted, they are transferred to either Brazen or Silver and their given knightly powers change to the new Banner. Finally, as a Brazen or Silver Banner Knight, the character must gain Status level 5 to reach the rank of Knight of the Crown. The Elder of the Realm must determine whether the character is worthy of appointment to a command Banner.

A character of Rule of Knowledge cannot become a Banner Knight. All knights must wear at least 8 hit-point armor at minimum on their torso except for Knights of the Emerald Banner who can wear 6 hit-point armor. Furthermore, all knights must follow the Ten Codes of Honor set forth by the hero Sir Ilius or lose their powers:

1) Thou shall proudly display thy station of Banner Knight, and let no mouth utter untruths or slander toward knighthood.
2) Thou shall demand the respect and honor as is deserved by thy station, and provide honor and respect to those deserving by their station.
3) Thou shall uphold the laws of the land, unless such laws prove unjust and without nobility.
4) Thou shall not shrink from battle as thou art a bringer of justice through the might of arms.
5) Thou shall hail and meet the foe most worthy of thy stature to bring the greatest honor upon thy name.
6) Thou shall not fight for fancy's cause or seek blind vengeance.
7) Thou shall not bring unjust or unlawful pain or punishment to any creature.
8) Thou shall always protect the innocent, the down-fallen, and those incapable to aid themselves.
9) Thou shall guarantee thy given word and shall never renege on an oath unless keeping the oath shall bring even greater dishonor.
10) Thou shall lay down they life before thou shall turn away from the Ten Codes of Honor.

A Banner Knight's title and special abilities increase as they earn added respect and honor. Depending on the Knight's rank and Banner, his or her abilities will vary. In general, a knight will gain a certain number of uses of a number of special abilities. The requisites needed by this organization are as follows (calculated for Rule of Arms):





Knight of the Banner

Leadership 1
Immunity to Fear 1
History 1, Legend Lore 1
Courtier 1, Status 1
1st Favored Skill 1
Organization 1


• membership
• Organizational ability: Knightly Powers (abilities vary depending on banner, invoke powers x 3 per day)
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend of 1 Crown per rank per event)

Knight of the March

Leadership 2
Immunity to Fear 2
History 2, Legend Lore 2
Courtier 2
1st Favored Skill 2
2nd Favored Skill 2
Constitution 1
Feat of Strength 1


• invoke Knightly Powers x 4 per day

Knight of the Oath

Leadership 3
Immunity to Fear 3
History 3, Legend Lore 3
Courtier 3
1st Favored Skill 3
2nd Favored Skill 3
Status 2


• invoke Knightly Powers x 5 per day

Knight of the Sword

Leadership 4
Immunity to Fear 4
Increased Damage (L to C)
Organization 2


• invoke Knightly Powers x 6 per day
• awarded Knight's Weapon (permanently enchanted magical weapon)
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend increased to 5 Crown per rank per event)

Knight of the Lance

Leadership 5
Immunity to Fear 5
Courtier 5
1st Favored Skill 5
Constitution 2
Feat of Strength 2


• invoke Knightly Powers x 7 per day

Knight of the Shield

Leadership 6
Immunity to Fear 6
Courtier 6
1st Favored Skill 6
Constitution 3
Feat of Strength 3


• invoke Knightly Powers x 8 per day

Knight of the Medal

Leadership 7, Immunity to Fear 7
Increased Damage (C to M)


• invoke Knightly Powers x 9 per day

Knight of the Realm

Leadership 8
Immunity to Fear 8
Courtier 7
1st Favored Skill 7
Organization 3


• invoke Knightly Powers x 10 per day
• awarded Knight's Shield (permanently enchanted magical shield)
• Organizational perk: Wealth (stipend increased to 10 Crown per rank per event)
• Organizational perk: issue a Warrant for Arrest

Knight of the Court

Leadership 9
Immunity to Fear 9
Constitution 4
Feat of Strength 4
2nd Favored Skill 5


• invoke Knightly Powers x 11 per day

Knight of the Crown

Leadership 10
Immunity to Fear 10
Courtier 8
Status 3
Increased Damage (C to M or add points to above for M to D)


• invoke Knightly Powers x 12 per day
• awarded Knight's Armor (permanently enchanted armor)

PRIMARY SKILLS: Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Tracking, Aid, Nautical Lore, Survival

A knight's powers may be used at will and requires calling the respective spell's invocation line.

The magical weapon, shield, and armor awarded a Knight should reflect their Banner. For example, a Knight of the Scarlet Banner may receive a permanently Fire Charmed weapon. Or a Knight of the Emerald Banner may receive a permanent magical Shield. Or a Knight of the Azure Banner may receive armor with additional uses of Protection from Air. Furthermore, these items are considered personal and cannot be taken from the character nor can they be used by anyone else than the Knight. The Elder of the Realm determines the magical qualities of the awarded arms.

The Banners and their respective knight powers are listed below:









Knight of the Banner

Heal Light Wound, Purify Food

Purify Air, Cleanse Water, Missile Deflection

Detect Undead, Turn Undead, Detect Magic

Heightened Senses, Mend Leather, Turn Animal

Fire Touch, Light

Armor, Mend

Awaken, Comprehend Languages

Knight of the March

Slow Taint, Prot. from Taint, Prot. from Paralysis

Lightning Charm, Frost Charm, Prot. from Air, Prot. from Water

Cause Light Wound, Invis. to Undead

Invis. to Animals, Prot. from Plant

Fire Charm, Prot. from Fire

Prot. from Earth

Prot. from Mind, Warding Gesture

Knight of the Oath


Winds of Disarming

Speak With Dead, Dispel Magic

Speak With Animals

Flame Dart



Knight of the Sword

Heal Critical Wound, Bestow Prot. from Taint, Bestow Prot. from Paralysis

Bestow Prot. from Air, Bestow Prot. from Water

Bestow Invis. to Undead

Bestow Invis. to Animals

Bestow Prot. from Fire

Bestow Prot. from Earth

Bestow Prot. from Mind

Knight of the Lance

Purge Taint

Bestow Missile Deflection

Cause Critical Wound

Hallow Grove

Fire Swarm

Mass Mend

Detect Traps, Detect Invisibility

Knight of the Shield


Frozen Tomb

Resist Power

Speak With Plants

Hands of Fire

Greater Armor

Mind Balm

Knight of the Medal

Greater Prot. from Taint, Greater Prot. from Paralysis

Greater Prot. from Air, Greater Prot. from Water

Undead Limb

Greater Prot. from Plant

Greater Prot. from Fire

Greater Prot. from Earth

Greater Prot. from Mind

Knight of the Realm

Heal Mortal Wound

Lightning Bolt, Ice Strike

Cause Mortal Wound

Nature's Fury


Fist of Stone

Warding Zone

Knight of the Court

Bestow Greater Prot. from Taint, Bestow Greater Prot. from Paralysis

Bestow Greater Prot. from Air, Bestow Greater Prot. from Water

Animate Dead

Bestow Greater Prot. from Plant

Bestow Greater Prot. from Fire

Bestow Greater Prot. from Earth

Bestow Greater Prot. from Mind

Knight of the Crown


Mist Form

Bone Weapon

Regeneration, Roar

Fire Storm

Mass Armor


The Ebony Banner ability to Turn Undead and Dispel Magic gains in level as the Knight rises in rank. The level of the Turn or Dispel is equal to the level of the Knight.

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