The Map of Archaea

Much of Archaea still remains wild and unexplored stretching nearly 2100 miles from east to west and 1500 miles from north to south. The Archaean Sea cuts into the mainland allowing for swift passage from place to place by way of water. The island of Sarus is the seat of the government of the Realm; the Crown resides in the capital city of Sarhall. Politically, the land is divided into individual provinces that swear fealty to the crown of the Sar, the Grand Sovereign of Archaea. For the most part, the provinces retain their own identities and govern themselves. There are twenty provinces. The provinces are divided into three groups: the central provinces, the western provinces, and the island provinces. Furthermore, with the new shifting of the Mists, new lands to the north, called the Winter Wastes, and to the south, called the Southern Wastes, have been revealed.

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