Archaea Character Profile: Razi
Razi played by Linda

Player's Name: Linda Beare
Player's E-mail: quibell69*
Player's City & State: Glen Burnie, MD

Character's Name: Razi
Character's Nickname's: Razi
Character's Birthplace: Tiara, Asara
Character's Age: 23
Character's Date of Birth: The 3rd Day of Highautumn
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Current Home: The Wardens of Dawn
Character's Profession/Occupation: Protector/Handmaiden

What are your character's parent's names, ethnicity, occupation? Living or dead? My Mother's name is Sia, she is animen, and I am unaware if she lives or not. I last saw her in Eldun. My Father's name is Malus, he is an animen as well. I last saw him at Starras and do not care where he is now.

What about siblings, dependents, other family? Living or dead? I have no other relatives that I know of and my only family I really have are the Animen.

Character's Favorite City/Place: Lathay, Asta
Character's Least Favored City/Place: Marsul, Eldun
Place the Character wants to visit but has not yet gone: Tershae, Riga (for fun)
Character's Favorite Tavern/Inn: Any with a warm bed
Character's Favorite Mode of Transportation: Walking
Character's Least Favorite Mode of Transportation: Swimming
Character's Favorite Color: Shiny
Character's Favorite Garment/Dress/Outfit: Fur (hehe)
Character's Favorite Music/Entertainment: Dancing
Character's Favorite Food: Snake
Character's Least Favorite Food: Frog
Character's Favored Arms (Weapon, Armor, Shield): Rapier, Chainmail
Organizations Favored by the Character: Wouldn't you like to know?
Organizations Disliked by the Character: Hmm, how to put this nicely? SG.

Name three distinct characteristics, qualities, attributes someone would notice when first meeting the character (e.g. talkative, somber, curious, flamboyant): I am very talkative, furry and I have a tail. I always have a very alert expression and I am very curious.

Name three less than desireable qualities, "weaknesses" the character possesses that might put him/her at a disadvantage (e.g. stubborn, jealous, vengeful, greedy): : I am a little greedy and I like bragging about stuff I have done. And I get angry rather easily sometimes.

If the character meets a worthy foe on the battlefield, what would he or she say in challenge before engaging in combat? Well this is going to be quick and painful for you.

If the character met the Sar in person, what would he or she say? I would "eep" and run away.

If the character could meet any person in the Realm of Archaea, alive or dead, who would it be and why? The Head of the Masquerade.

What is one of the character's fears? Blindness
What does the character believe the Mists to be? A hand of some great being, holding us and watching.
What is the character's greatest dream or goal in life? To become the best herbal healer and treasure hunter one can be.

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