Archaea Character Profile: Lord Nieto Shin
Nieto Shin played by John

Player's Name: John Myers
Player's E-mail: myersusn*
Player's City & State: Washington, DC

Character's Name: Lord Nieto Shin
Character's Nickname's: none
Character's Birthplace: Talanta, Talanth
Character's Age: 22
Character's Date of Birth:
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Current Home: Talanta, Talanth
Character's Profession/Occupation: Lord of the Hawk

What are your character's parent's names, ethnicity, occupation? Living or dead? Nieto's parents are Pado and Selena Shin. His father, was one of the highest ranking Lords (a Jojinakara ). He dedicated his life to the service of the Lords of the Hawk and the people of Talanth. His mother, Selena, is the daughter of a chambermaid of the wife of the Sar. They met on one of his many diplomatic journeys to Sarhall. Both parents are alive and well and living just outside of Talanta.

What about siblings, dependents, other family? Living or dead? Nieto has no brothers or sisters or any relatives other than his immediate family. Both sets of grandparents passed away within the last few years. His grandfather (father's side) was also a Jojinakara, he also served Talanth a the Lords well. His grandfather (mother's side) was an Amber Banner Knight.

Character's Favorite City/Place: Talanta, Talanth
Character's Least Favored City/Place: any city in Marjor
Place the Character wants to visit but has not yet gone: Sarus
Character's Favorite Tavern/Inn:
Character's Favorite Mode of Transportation: walking
Character's Least Favorite Mode of Transportation: horses
Character's Favorite Color: Blue
Character's Favorite Garment/Dress/Outfit: Lord of the Hawk surcoat/Father's armor
Character's Favorite Music/Entertainment: poetry/tales of old
Character's Favorite Food: mother's stew
Character's Least Favorite Food: any other food from mother
Character's Favored Arms (Weapon, Armor, Shield): father's sword
Organizations Favored by the Character: Lords of the Hawk, Knights of the Banner, all magical organizations
Organizations Disliked by the Character: Lords of the Tiger

Name three distinct characteristics, qualities, attributes someone would notice when first meeting the character (e.g. talkative, somber, curious, flamboyant): Tends to be quiet until surroundings known, very respectful to all who are deserving, very traditional in Talanthi ways, fascinated by magic

Name three less than desireable qualities, "weaknesses" the character possesses that might put him/her at a disadvantage (e.g. stubborn, jealous, vengeful, greedy): Not openly hostile to those of Marjor, but holds all Marjorans in low regard, will challenge any and all who dishonor his family or Lords of the Hawk, quick to anger at times

If the character meets a worthy foe on the battlefield, what would he or she say in challenge before engaging in combat? "On the honor of my father, and those before, draw you sword and defend yourself."

If the character met the Sar in person, what would he or she say? "Sir, it is an honor to meet you, may fortune smile upon you and the important decisions you must always make."

If the character could meet any person in the Realm of Archaea, alive or dead, who would it be and why? Tannan Aki-o, the famed Lord of the Hawk and bearer of Cloudscar.

What is one of the character's fears? undead...fears them..but will stop at nothing to destroy them, also fears that Lords of the Tiger may rekindle hatred between Talanth and Sarus
What does the character believe the Mists to be? some mean between the power of creation and destruction
What is the character's greatest dream or goal in life? to become a Jojinakara as his father and his father before him

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