Archaea Character Profile: Jahna Deshal
Jahna Deshal played by Dana

Player's Name: Dana Schimmel
Player's E-mail: dana_schimmel*
Player's City & State: Alexandria, Virginia

Character's Name: Jahna Deshal
Character's Nickname's: Jahna
Character's Birthplace: Sadi, Ashur
Character's Age: 22
Character's Date of Birth: the Tenth Day of Firstwinter
Character's Gender: female
Character's Current Home: Lleander, Sarus
Character's Profession/Occupation: Sisterhood member

What are your character's parent's names, ethnicity, occupation? Living or dead? My father is Jurun Deshal and my mother is Taya Sangul Deshal. They are both Ashuri and live in Abinastinal, the capital of Ashur. There they own a shop called The Twinkling Star where they sell primarily handcrafted jewelry and other fine goods.

What about siblings, dependents, other family? Living or dead? I have a sister, Cerina, who is ten years older than me. She is also a Sisterhood member but disappeared when I was only ten. She is still alive but that is out of character knowledge.

Character's Favorite City/Place: the citadel of the Sisterhood in Lleander
Character's Least Favored City/Place: none in particular
Place the Character wants to visit but has not yet gone: the Sar's palace
Character's Favorite Tavern/Inn: The Dizzy Camel in Abinastinal
Character's Favorite Mode of Transportation: boat
Character's Least Favorite Mode of Transportation: walking
Character's Favorite Color: purple
Character's Favorite Garment/Dress/Outfit: tunic, leggings, cloak
Character's Favorite Music/Entertainment: plays
Character's Favorite Food: rabbit stew
Character's Least Favorite Food: snake
Character's Favored Arms (Weapon, Armor, Shield): short sword, small shield
Organizations Favored by the Character: Sisterhood, Brotherhood
Organizations Disliked by the Character: none in particular

Name three distinct characteristics, qualities, attributes someone would notice when first meeting the character (e.g. talkative, somber, curious, flamboyant): polite, reserved, quiet

Name three less than desireable qualities, "weaknesses" the character possesses that might put him/her at a disadvantage (e.g. stubborn, jealous, vengeful, greedy): power-hungry, envious, naive

If the character meets a worthy foe on the battlefield, what would he or she say in challenge before engaging in combat? If I were to meet a worthy foe on the battlefield I would not say anything in challenge, I would be too busy calling and evoking an appropriate ritual.

If the character met the Sar in person, what would he or she say? "It is an honor to meet you, my Lord."

If the character could meet any person in the Realm of Archaea, alive or dead, who would it be and why? the High Seer because he/she is the leader of my order and the most powerful mistic

What is one of the character's fears? being overcome by gray or black misticism
What does the character believe the Mists to be? sources of power
What is the character's greatest dream or goal in life? to achieve enlightenment

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