Archaea Character Profile: Igraine Tsao
Igraine Tsao played by April

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Player's Name: April Pevear
Player's E-mail: gweneseth*
Player's City & State: Glen Burnie, MD

Character's Name: Igraine Tsao
Character's Nickname's: none
Character's Birthplace: Talanta, Talanth
Character's Age: 20
Character's Date of Birth: The 26th Day of Highspring
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Current Home: none
Character's Profession/Occupation: Healer, Seamstress, Bard

What are your character's parent's names, ethnicity, occupation? Living or dead? Her Grandfather, Lord Richard Brantley is a Knight of the Silver Banner. Her Father, Kurosi Tsao was a Lord of the Tiger. Her Mother, Egrette Tsao is a noblewoman and currently resides with her Father Lord Brantley in Sarus.

What about siblings, dependents, other family? Living or dead? Brother: Tannan Tsao. He is the only living heir to the fortunes of both her Father and Grandfather.

Character's Favorite City/Place: Her Father's Manor House in Talanta
Character's Least Favored City/Place: Sarus
Place the Character wants to visit but has not yet gone: The Court of Sir Ictus
Character's Favorite Tavern/Inn: Any with a hot bath and a clean bed.
Character's Favorite Mode of Transportation: Not Walking
Character's Least Favorite Mode of Transportation: Walking
Character's Favorite Color: Green
Character's Favorite Garment/Dress/Outfit: A green silk gown
Character's Favorite Music/Entertainment: Ballads on a harp, or lively dancing
Character's Favorite Food: Spiced Potatoes
Character's Least Favorite Food: Trail Bread
Character's Favored Arms (Weapon, Armor, Shield): Quarterstaff
Organizations Favored by the Character: The Lords of the Tiger, The Players
Organizations Disliked by the Character: The Knights of the Banner

Name three distinct characteristics, qualities, attributes someone would notice when first meeting the character (e.g. talkative, somber, curious, flamboyant): Graceful, Charismatic, and Dignified.

Name three less than desireable qualities, "weaknesses" the character possesses that might put him/her at a disadvantage (e.g. stubborn, jealous, vengeful, greedy): Cowardly, Shallow, and Gullible.

If the character meets a worthy foe on the battlefield, what would he or she say in challenge before engaging in combat? "Hello... have you met my friends Lavistis and Silus?"

If the character met the Sar in person, what would he or she say? Nothing. She hopes to never meet him.

If the character could meet any person in the Realm of Archaea, alive or dead, who would it be and why? Her Brother Tannan. She misses him each and every moment of her life and cannot wait to see him again. After the betrayal of her Mother and Grandfather, she feels that he is her only family.

What is one of the character's fears? That her Grandfather will come to take her back to Sarus and no one will try to stop him.
What does the character believe the Mists to be? She doesn't know. She has no idea.
What is the character's greatest dream or goal in life? That her and her brother may one day face down their Grandfather and make him pay for having their Father killed. She wants to live to see that day.

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