Archaea Character Profile: Bleys Adren
Bleys Adren played by Greg

Player's Name: Greg Powell
Player's E-mail: JanusMagusZeal*
Player's City & State: Laurel, MD

Character's Name: Bleys Adren
Character's Nickname's: none
Character's Birthplace: Lleander, Sarus
Character's Age: 19
Character's Date of Birth: 26th Day of Firstwinter
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Current Home: Outside of Shay, within Reiel
Character's Profession/Occupation: budding Mistic

What are your character's parent's names, ethnicity, occupation? Living or dead? Bleys's Mother: Elisanna Morigan is an advocate, defending the innocent (but wealthy) from unjust persecution. Bleys's Father: Theron Adren is an alchemist in service to the Brotherhood, while not a member of the organization itself. It is Theron's skill with Magic and Misticism and Bleys's subsequent exposure to various Curi members of the Brotherhood's skills that has inspired Bleys to embark upon his quest to regain his Icuni heritage in the name of Curi the realm over. Both of his parents are of very pure Curi blood.

What about siblings, dependents, other family? Living or dead? Bleys isn't terribly familiar with his extended family, though with the relatively closed nature of Lleander's mostly Curi population, he knows that most of them live within a stone's throw of his parent's home in that city. His brother, Edrick Adren, owns Bleys' permanent residence outside of Shay. Edrick lives with what Bleys' believes to be his temporary consort, a Reiellan born non-Curi woman named Ellanor. Bleys believes that his brother's association with a Reillan who's name stands in monument of the enemy of the Crown will eventually get both himself and his brother into trouble with the Sar. Bleys is unaware that after his departure for Ottah, his brother has begun contemplating marrying the woman. Bleys will more than likely not react favorable to this, as it will result in the irrevocable dilution of the blood of his ancestors along a line of half-human descendants.

Character's Favorite City/Place: Lleander
Character's Least Favored City/Place: Sarhall
Place the Character wants to visit but has not yet gone: Darkhall and Teer
Character's Favorite Tavern/Inn: The Valley's Shadow Inn in Shay, Icuna
Character's Favorite Mode of Transportation: By foot
Character's Least Favorite Mode of Transportation: Horseback
Character's Favorite Color: Red
Character's Favorite Garment/Dress/Outfit: Black Robe
Character's Favorite Music/Entertainment: Any light and upbeat music
Character's Favorite Food: Exotic shellfish of the Dawnsea
Character's Least Favorite Food: Anything leafy
Character's Favored Arms (Weapon, Armor, Shield): Short sword and bracers
Organizations Favored by the Character: Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Decavi
Organizations Disliked by the Character: Academy, Keepers

Name three distinct characteristics, qualities, attributes someone would notice when first meeting the character (e.g. talkative, somber, curious, flamboyant): Respectful, Thoughtful, Driven

Name three less than desireable qualities, "weaknesses" the character possesses that might put him/her at a disadvantage (e.g. stubborn, jealous, vengeful, greedy): Arrogant, Unskilled at Arms, Argumentative

If the character meets a worthy foe on the battlefield, what would he or she say in challenge before engaging in combat? "Nothing you've done up until now could've possibly prepared you for me. You'd have a better chance surviving a stroll in The Mists than facing the wrath of an Icuni heir. Flee now, and spare your life an end at my hands."

If the character met the Sar in person, what would he or she say? "Praise be to the Crown!" This is an instance when Bleys would probably want to avoid notice. While he knows what the Sar has done for uniting the realm and humanity at large, he also realizes that once he's Ascended and become a True Icuni, he will similarly be elevated above the human power structure. And thus, the Sar and the concerns of the realm will be largely beneath his notice.

If the character could meet any person in the Realm of Archaea, alive or dead, who would it be and why? Esshien -- He's the premier Curi warrior-mistic. Bleys would take full advantage of such an opportunity by studying skill at arms and the ways of the Three Paths for as long as Esshien was made avaliable to him. There's almost no limit to what Bleys perceives that he could learn from Esshien.

What is one of the character's fears? He deeply fears being rejected by the Icuni spirits, or discovering that his quest will turn up fruitless. On a lesser, more daily phobia-type fear level, he is moderately afraid of heights and drowning. And he is fearful of a more permanent relationship forming between his brother and Ellanor.
What does the character believe the Mists to be? The ultimate expression of the Icuni's dominance over this world. Bleys believes that Misticism is not harnessing the existing Mists, but creating new Mists to be used for purposes of the ritual. Thus, the Icuni have enacted some great ritual that keeps down the expansion of humanity. The existence of the Mist walls and the fact that no one has breached them and lived to tell about it is truly a sign of the Icuni's nigh-limitless power. Bleys wants to be a part of the group that wields such power.
What is the character's greatest dream or goal in life? Reclaiming his Icuni heritage and ascending to the power level of those Ancients. If possible, he'd like to elevate the rest of his race to that status as well. Not necessarily to dominate humanity, but merely to realize their full potential.

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